Dr. Muggenthaler meets Dr. Obagi – Successful training at the ZO Skin Health Symposium in Milan

ZO Skin Health Symposium

At the weekend, I attended the ZO Skin Health Symposium in Milan together with my team. It was a special highlight for me to meet Dr. Obagi in person once again and exchange ideas with him. A truly impressive personality who has an enormous wealth of knowledge in the field of skin care. It is not for nothing that he is regarded worldwide as a pioneer of skin health. With his innovative products and further developments of trend-setting skin treatments, he helps thousands of people worldwide to achieve healthy and radiant young skin. His innovative treatment methods have accompanied us in the practice for many years and inspire us and our patients anew every day.

The symposium was very instructive for me and my team – but also a good platform to have exciting discussions with colleagues from different countries. We would have loved to stay a few more days in this beautiful city. But there was still time for a few hours of “dolce vita” and a cappuccino in the Piazza del Duoma.

Further training that couldn’t be better.