Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

Drooping upper eyelids make the eyes appear smaller and the face look tired and old. However, extreme drooping eyelids can also severely restrict the field of vision. With an eyelid lift, we improve the aesthetics and functionality of the eye area.

Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler
Facharzt für Mund-Kiefer-Gesichtschirurgie
Ästhetisch-Plastische Operationen

Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler
Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery
Aesthetic plastic surgery

Eyelid plastic

Eyelid lift treatment goal:

  • Drooping eyelids are removed
  • Restricted field of vision is rectified
  • Facial expression appears friendlier and more relaxed

Operation duration
1-2 hours

Local anesthesia or light twilight sleep

Outpatient or 1 overnight stay

Cooling, lymph drainage, removal of the stitches after 6 days

Socially acceptable
After approx. 7 days for an upper eyelid correction and after approx. 10 to 14 days for a lower eyelid correction

Rare complications
Post-operative bleeding (in the first few hours after an operation). Visible, reddened scars or swelling. Asymmetries. Temporary irritation of the conjunctiva, drooping of the lower eyelid margin.

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Dr. Muggenthaler

What is the difference between an eyelid lift and a brow lift? When is which technology called for? Are operations such as an eyelid lift or forehead lift performed on an outpatient basis? What are the risks and side effects? When will I be socially acceptable again after an eyelid correction or brow lift? And how long does the result last? In this video, Dr. Muggenthaler answers the most important questions about eyelid correction and brow lifting.


Before and after

In Germany, it is not permitted to show before and after pictures of medical treatments. We are therefore unable to present any before and after pictures of our treatments here. If you are interested in before and after pictures, please contact us. We will show you some examples and will be happy to explain the prospects of success and the potential effect of the corresponding treatment in your specific case during a non-binding consultation.

Patient voices

Treatment procedure

Preparation for eyelid lifting / eyelid correction

Before an eyelid lift or eyelid correction, we check your state of health and arrange for appropriate examinations. The function of the lacrimal glands is of particular importance here. To optimize wound and scar healing, you should avoid the sun and nicotine before the operation. As you will need at least a week after the eyelid correction to be socially acceptable again, you should take this into account in your schedule.

Eyelid lift surgery

Eyelid corrections are performed under local anesthesia or in a light twilight sleep. If the bags under the lower eyelids are less pronounced, a skin incision is not necessary at all. Instead, fat is removed through a completely invisible approach from the back of the eyelid. The necessary incisions are made using a special radio wave device. By dispensing with a scalpel, there is significantly less swelling and discoloration than with conventional methods. The wound is closed on the upper and lower eyelids with a single suture, which holds the edges of the wound together under the surface of the skin and is removed after a week.

Aftercare for eyelid correction

The after-effects of an eyelid correction, such as swelling or discoloration, are reduced to a minimum by intensive cooling immediately after the operation. In most cases, eyelid corrections can be performed on an outpatient basis. The stitches are removed after one week. If self-dissolving sutures are used, no further appointment for suture removal is necessary. After one week, most patients are fully socially acceptable again. Any remaining redness can then be covered with make-up. After about six weeks, all swelling has subsided. Sporting activities should be restricted until then.

Eyelid lift

Depending on the initial situation, a forehead lift can make an upper eyelid lift superfluous. In some cases, however, it is precisely the combination of the two methods that leads to optimum results.

Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler

Dr. Frank Muggenthaler, Aesthetic Plastic Facial Surgery

Our holistic approach

The eye region is a very characteristic part of the face. Corrections to the eyelids therefore require special attention. During the in-depth consultation, we work with you to determine where incisions should be placed, how far the brows should be lifted and whether additional measures such as peelings are advisable.

Frequently asked questions about eyelid lifting

When does an eyelid lift make sense?

Large, open eyes with clearly defined folds, an exposed lid and flawless skin are the definition of a youthful eye area. However, changes occur with age. The eyelids become heavy, bags under the eyes and age wrinkles appear and the eyes appear tired. Environmental influences such as excessive sun exposure, particular lifestyle habits such as nicotine consumption or a hereditary predisposition can also play a role.

The eyelid correction procedure removes the excess skin, fat and muscle tissue that cause eyelid drooping and tightens the skin.

Is eyelid correction permanent?

If eyelid correction is carried out correctly, a projection of around 10 years can be achieved and maintained.

Is eyelid lifting or eyelid correction painful?

The treatment as such is not painful. Any wound pain is minimal. Painkillers are rarely necessary.

Where are the incisions made during an eyelid lift?

In upper eyelid correction, the incisions are made in the fold, about 7 – 9 mm above the edge of the eyelid. In lower eyelid correction, the incisions are about 3 mm below the edge of the eyelid.

Are scars visible after an eyelid lift?

After the healing phase, a fine, inconspicuous line will be visible. Very rarely, a light line may be visible.

When can I put my glasses back on after eyelid correction?

Directly after the operation.

When can contact lenses be worn again?

After one week

When will I be socially acceptable again after the eyelid lift?

As a rule, you can return to work after 2 days. However, there may still be clearly visible signs of surgery (plaster, discoloration, swelling). You will be socially acceptable after an upper eyelid correction in about 7 days and after a lower eyelid correction in about 10 to 14 days.

Is hospitalization necessary?

Usually not. However, if the journey is very long, we recommend one or two overnight stays at the clinic.

When are the stitches removed during an eyelid lift?

After 6 days

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