Botox treatment against heavy sweating

Sweating is healthy and a natural reaction to protect the body from overheating. For those who sweat particularly frequently and heavily, however, this is little consolation. Excessive sweating under the armpits is particularly common. Here, the sweat is particularly annoying due to the dark stains on shirts, blouses and T-shirts and the suffering of those affected is correspondingly high. Treatment with botulinum toxin provides a remedy for severe overproduction of sweat (hyperhidrosis).

Many people are familiar with botulinum toxin or Botox treatment in the field of wrinkle reduction. However, the active ingredient is also used in medicine to relax cramped muscles in various diseases – because botulinum toxin inhibits the transmission of excitation from nerve cells to the muscle. If the active ingredient is injected under the armpits, for example, this signal transmission is blocked and the secretion of the sweat glands is reduced. In the treatment of hyperhidrosis, approximately ten to twenty injections are given per armpit. To reduce the pain of the punctures, the area of skin to be treated is numbed in advance with an anesthetic ointment.

The effect lasts between approx. 6 and 9 months until the botulinum toxin has been completely broken down by the body.

Sedation with nitrous oxide for a more pleasant treatment

For very sensitive or anxious patients, we at Muggenthaler Ästhetik offer nitrous oxide sedation tailored to their needs. Nitrous oxide has been a safe and popular sedation method for anxious patients for decades, especially in dentistry. The laughing gas gives the patient a feeling of lightness and relaxation. This makes the treatment much more pleasant and less painful. The effect sets in very quickly and subsides immediately. The patient can leave the practice independently and without restriction immediately after treatment.

Botox treatment for excessive sweating

The facts:

Type of treatment: Outpatient through injections
Treatment duration: 15-30 minutes
Anesthesia: local anesthesia with anesthetic spray. Nitrous oxide sedation on request.
Socially acceptable: immediately or after a few hours
Durability: Sweating is blocked for approx. 6 to 9 months.

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