Super Skin-Food – The effects of food on our skin

Superfood for the skin

I am often asked to what extent nutrition plays a role in the fight against premature skin ageing. Healthy, smooth skin is not only an ideal of beauty, but also an indication of a healthy organism. Wrinkles, acne and other skin problems are always a reflection of inner health. Oxidative stress or inflammatory processes that take place in our body often manifest themselves in the form of blemished, uneven or prematurely ageing skin. One of the main causes of premature skin ageing is sugar. Eating them produces sugar end products that your body cannot “metabolize”. This causes the tissue fibers to saccharify elastin and collagen – this is called glycation. As a result, the skin is much less elastic and wrinkles appear more quickly.

To be really radiant, our skin needs a balanced cocktail of antioxidants, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and amino acids.

What is it about the so-called super(skin)foods? Some are really interesting and worth eating or drinking.


The green wonder fruit scores with essential amino acids, valuable B vitamins and a concentrated load of vitamin E. It also contains a large portion of unsaturated fatty acids, biotin and vitamins A and C. Eaten pure, it protects our cells against damage caused by free radicals with the help of the antioxidants it contains, stimulates cell renewal, keeps the skin supple and protects it from UV rays. Cell formation is stimulated and the skin’s ageing process is slowed down.
The booming avocado business means that the environment is sometimes forgotten. Please only buy organic products from Europe.

Goji berries

The Asian goji berry is one of the healthiest and most nutritious fruits in the world. In Chinese medicine, it is known as the “fruit of long life” and is used to strengthen the immune system. Due to their strong antioxidant power through the very high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and E, goji berries are able to stimulate the growth and regeneration of cells and effectively protect them from cell damage, thus slowing down the ageing process of the skin. It also contains essential fatty and amino acids, trace elements and plenty of iron. Instead of cookies, nibble a small amount of dried goji berries throughout the day. There is a new study on interactions with certain medications. If you are taking blood-thinning medication, I advise you not to eat it.


The positive effect of pomegranates on the skin and the whole organism is mainly attributed to the fact that they contain so many minerals and vitamins. It also contains a particularly high level of antioxidants, which protect the skin from cell damage and slow down the ageing process. In fact, it has three times more antioxidants than oranges or green tea. Apart from that, it tastes very good. The pomegranate is one of the few types of fruit where the juice is just as rich in vitamins as the fruit itself. Just one glass of pomegranate juice covers 40% of your daily vitamin A, C and E requirements. Whenever you can find pomegranates, grab them. If you prefer to drink the juice, make sure you get the best quality, i.e. pure and unsweetened pomegranate juice. A glass of pomegranate juice is ideal for breakfast in the morning.

Matcha tea

Matcha is the front runner when it comes to antioxidants. No other natural food contains so many of them. Matcha has a bright green color, is completely sugar-free and is a very special type of green tea. To absorb the same amount of nutrients and antioxidants contained in a cup of matcha, you would need to drink 10 cups of green tea. These effective ingredients intensively promote cell regeneration and thus slow down the skin’s ageing process. Particularly interesting for sun worshippers: Free radicals caused by sunlight damage the cell membranes of skin cells and cause them to age more quickly. The catechins contained in matcha act like an anti-ageing cream, as they prevent free radicals from penetrating the skin and making it look pale and wrinkled. Matcha also boosts the metabolism and increases fat burning.
Matcha should not be combined with other foods containing caffeine (such as coffee or energy drinks). Look out for the organic label when shopping and give preference to matcha from Japan. An ideal dosage is three to four cups per week.

And last but not least: always drink plenty of water!

In addition to a balanced diet with a few extra highlights, our skin needs a sufficient amount of still water – at least two liters a day. Water is undeniably the most important substance we consume every day. It supports the metabolism, cleanses the body and helps the skin to eliminate harmful substances. Well-hydrated skin immediately creates a plump and even complexion.

My conclusion: I personally consider a balanced diet to be an important part of skin optimization. When it comes to so-called superfoods, all that glitters is certainly not gold. However, some foods are extremely interesting in terms of their ingredients and their effects on our bodies.

And please don’t forget: You also need superfood for the soul from time to time. My personal mood booster: chocolates.