Journal for Aesthetic Surgery 1/2017: The highlights

Journal Aesthetic Surgery

The new issue of the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery (JÄC) has just been delivered hot off the press to aesthetic practitioners in German-speaking countries. My esteemed colleague Professor Hans Behrbohm from Berlin has designed the content of the current issue of JÄC as guest editor. In this issue, truly renowned representatives of aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty (nose correction) in Germany are represented with exciting presentations. State-of-the-art techniques for the correction of aesthetic and functional disorders of the nose are presented. The booklet clearly shows how advanced modern nasal surgery is and how it meets the ever-increasing demands of patients.

The high-caliber contributions cover the most diverse facets and current scientific debates on rhinoplasty: from the analysis of nasal breathing and simulation of the correction result thanks to the latest digital aids to sophisticated techniques for the targeted correction of the tip or bridge of the nose. The good news for patients who suffer from functional limitations or aesthetic flaws of the nose: Hardly any other specialty in facial surgery is developing so rapidly and producing so many helpful innovations for those affected as functional-aesthetic surgery of the nose.

I would like to thank Prof. Behrbohm most sincerely. With this issue, he has once again demonstrated that he not only masters rhinoplasty in all its facets but also makes a significant contribution to the scientific development of this exciting field.