Carnosine and collagen powder


Anyone involved in rejuvenating surgery and aesthetic medicine has a natural interest in any means of slowing down or reversing the ageing process. I feel the same way, of course. I also learn a lot from patients who share their personal anti-ageing secrets and tips with me. Recently, my attention has been drawn to the amino acid carnosine in this way. Amino acids are among the essential building blocks of all proteins, but also of DNA. Carnosine seems to play a very special role in this. In any case, I was able to observe very clearly how patients who regularly took carnosine showed a significantly younger complexion and appeared younger, fresher and more vital overall. I was able to make a similar observation with patients who regularly took large quantities of collagen powder. In my experience, patients who have the courage and determination to undergo cosmetic surgery are much more consistent when it comes to their health. This may also be a reason why the fruits of a rejuvenating procedure last longer.