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ZO Skin Health

On June 29, we officially opened the first ZO® Skin Health Shop in Switzerland. Live treatments with the innovative Hydrafacial method and individual consultations on ZO® skin care took place at the opening. In addition to me and my team, the managing director Mr. Höck and the training manager Ms. Meister-Luck from the sales company Aesthetic Visions as well as Mr. Benguerich, training manager of Hydrafacial, welcomed the numerous interested guests. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your great interest and the many pleasant encounters.

The ZO® Skin Health Shop in Basel

The small but excellent ZO® Skin Health Shop is located in the same building as our practice. The privileged location offers ideal conditions for introducing our customers to the revolutionary and globally successful anti-aging and skin care concept. Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic care go hand in hand here. In the new ZO® Skin Health Shop you can now obtain comprehensive advice and buy the products you want directly.

A holistic concept

Healthy and beautiful-looking skin is no accident. Rather, it is the result of an individually tailored care routine. This is where the ZO® Skin Health concept comes in. The special thing about it: ZO® Skin Health works on a cellular level. The skin nourishes, repairs and renews itself. Valuable ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, highly effective polypeptides and retinol help to permanently improve the condition of the skin. We generally recommend a 5-step plan: cleanse, activate, stimulate, soothe and care.

More about ZO® Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health in the practice or at home?

ZO® Skin Health products can be useful for every skin type and for different skin problems. In our practice in Basel and in our clinic in Gutach, we attach great importance to a comprehensive consultation and typing of your skin. Various factors such as the appearance of pores, unwanted pigmentation, keratinization disorders or loss of elasticity are important parameters for finding the ideal skin care concept.

The ZO® Skin Health product line offers the ideal active ingredients to effectively combat the signs of ageing and sustainably improve skin health. ZO® Medical is used for severely damaged skin and for the targeted treatment of severe skin problems (e.g. acne). Together with an individually tailored skin care concept for at home, we achieve fine-pored and even skin. In addition to ZO® skin care, we offer the sensational HydraFacial treatment in our practice in Basel and in our clinic in Gutach.

The ZO® peelings, with which we achieve impressive skin rejuvenation results in our clinic, should be considered separately. More about our peelings & skin treatments