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skintech peeling

In our clinic, I have been using chemical deep peeling for skin optimization and rejuvenation for many years with great success. For me, the two cornerstones for the best results are the experience and expertise of the treating doctor and the quality of the products used.

When choosing exfoliating products, I rely on the innovative exfoliating range from Skin Tech. Skin Tech offers a full range of peeling depths, from epidermal to reticular dermis peels. The products are extremely effective and particularly reliable. The Skin Tech range opens up very individual treatment options thanks to its variety and different intensities. The TCA and phenol peels can be perfectly combined depending on the skin’s condition, needs and treatment goals.

The special feature of a chemical peel is the renewal of the elastic and collagen fibers in depth, which significantly improves the skin’s functional properties. Phenol peeling in particular renews and rejuvenates all layers of the skin. Not only fine superficial wrinkles but also deep wrinkles are almost completely eliminated.

In many cases, chemical deep peeling is on a par with a surgical lift, if not superior. Especially when it comes to rejuvenating the skin itself and eliminating deeper wrinkles without sacrificing a natural facial expression.

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