Skin tightening with DEANOL (DMAE)

Deanol skin tightening

For some time now, we have included the medical-cosmetic preparation DEANOL in our repertoire for skin rejuvenation. The chemical name is “dimethylaminoethanol” or DMAE. While Dr. Obagi’s medical cosmetics containing retinol primarily tighten the skin by activating collagen and elastin synthesis, DEANOL achieves this effect by directly tensing individual micro-muscle fibers (MYOFILAMENTE) in the skin cells. This achieves a significant tightening of the facial skin, neck and décolleté after just a few applications. DEANOL also has pronounced antioxidant properties. This is another reason why it is an excellent addition to the ranks of the “anti-ageing fighters”.

What exactly is DEANOL/DMAE?

DMAE is an organic chemical compound that is also produced in small quantities by the human body and has been shown to occur in the brain in particular. DMAE also belongs to the category of nootropic substances and is therefore a so-called nootropic. Nootropics are substances that increase the performance of the brain and can have a direct effect on consciousness. They can also restore certain areas of the nervous system. The mode of action of DMAE is extremely complex. Among other things, it ensures that the cell membrane is protected from destruction, the body cells are more resistant and elastic, the concentration of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and thus also the transmission of nerve impulses is increased and muscles are strengthened. It is therefore used in various areas of medicine and aesthetics.

DEANOL in medicine

In particular, the memory and performance-enhancing effects of DEANOL and DMAE make it an important therapeutic agent for various medical conditions. As the additional intake of DMAE has been proven to stimulate brain activity, it is used, among other things, in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or depression are also sometimes treated with the preparation, as it has a direct effect on consciousness. DMAE also increases the ability to concentrate, which is why it is also used to treat concentration and learning difficulties. It also treats sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic fatigue, motor restlessness (akathisia) and much more.

DEANOL as an effective skin tightening agent

DEANOL protects the cell membrane, increases the resistance of cells and thus leads to cells living longer. DEANOL is therefore used in aesthetic facial surgery to treat sagging skin and wrinkles caused by ageing. It stimulates the production of lecithins, which are important components of the cell membrane. Individual micro-muscle fibers (MYOFILAMENTE) are also tightened, which effectively tightens the skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Although DEANOL cannot completely replace other aesthetic methods such as a facelift for severely sagging skin and wrinkles, it does help with mild to moderate signs of aging to create a significantly rejuvenated, firmer and more vital skin appearance.

Application of DEANOL

In medicine, DEANOL or DMAE is primarily administered in the form of tablets. In non-surgical skin tightening, however, DEANOL is usually applied directly to the areas to be treated. In many cases, the tightening effects are clearly visible after just a few applications of the medical-cosmetic product. In contrast to several other methods of wrinkle treatment and facial rejuvenation without surgery, skin tightening with DEANOL can be carried out independently at home.

Are there any risks?

DMAE is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, which is why allergic reactions can be largely ruled out. If it is used for the medical treatment of illnesses such as depression or schizophrenia, the symptoms can be increased by the drug in individual cases. Prior consultation with a doctor is therefore essential. Insomnia, headaches and muscle tension can also occur as a result of an overdose when dimethylaminoethanol is administered with medication. These temporary symptoms subside as soon as the dose is adjusted accordingly. There are no known significant risks or side effects associated with the use of DMAE to reduce the formation of wrinkles caused by ageing. DEANOL or DMAE has been an ingredient in various cosmetic products for over 20 years.

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