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The satisfaction of our patients is our top priority. We are all the more pleased about the numerous positive testimonials.

Very competent and very friendly doctor, highly recommended

I received a very friendly welcome from Dr. Muggenthaler at his practice in Basel. I was given very detailed information about the treatment method. The treatment was carried out professionally by him and I was also very satisfied with the aftercare. The entire staff looked after me very well and with great care.

I haven't let another doctor touch my face for years! 1000 stars!

i have been seeing dr. muggenthaler twice a year for 10 years and am in the best of hands. i have hyaluronic acid injections to keep my face youthful without surgery. dr. muggenthaler is friendly and professional, i will continue my visits as i am super happy and satisfied.

I am happy every time I look in the mirror

Three months ago, Dr. Muggenthaler performed a facelift on me. Beforehand, the team had great difficulty allaying my fears about twilight sleep. These turned out to be completely unfounded. I felt totally at ease before, during and after the procedure. I was “mothered” all round. Dr. Muggenthaler was always there for me. He helped with all small needs and worries, including recommendations for excursions and restaurants. Dr. Muggenthaler even came to the hotel for a follow-up check.

A facial scrub: super great result

A facial scrub: super great result. Looking in the mirror fills me with joy every day. My face looks 10 years younger and totally natural. A great achievement. It was a stroke of luck for me to get to know Dr. Muggenthaler.

Searched for a long time and found the right doctor

Everything was perfect: the treatment (4 hours in the operating theater), the accommodation in the beautiful villa, the team, the catering, the aftercare, the result. I was never in pain at any time. A few weeks after the operation I still had a feeling of tightness in my cheeks and neck, but this has now disappeared. I walk through the world with my head held high again, before the operation I had always lowered it to hide the wrinkles on my neck.

3 months after the facelift

It has now been 3 months since the operation and I would like to let you know that everything has healed well and that I am doing very well overall. The scars (including the problematic scar on the right side of the forehead) have not only healed well, they are also becoming less visible and less palpable. I continue to treat them twice a day, no longer with Keli-Med ointment (as it is not available in Germany), but with Contractubex gel. I also use it to treat the scars on upper limbs. The swelling has also completely subsided, only occasionally occurring after sport. The tension in the ear-neck area can still be felt a little, but not always.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the result and very happy and glad that I had this operation with you. I get compliments all the time that I look good, but even my friends can’t guess what I’ve done! The result looks very natural and that is the most important thing for me! It went exactly as you described to me and, as I have seen in other cases, this is by no means a matter of course! I would like to thank you personally very, very much for this! You are doing an outstanding job! Please extend my heartfelt thanks to your entire great team: Mrs. Noel, Dr. Bär-Benzig and the entire friendly and competent staff at your clinic. I wish you continued success in everything you do, but above all lots of health and strength and also joy, at least as much joy as you give us, your patients!

Dr. Muggenthaler's surgical work exceeds all my expectations

I had a facelift with Dr. Frank Muggenthaler at the beginning of August. I tolerated the procedure itself under twilight anesthesia very well. I never had any pain at any time. The swelling of the face and healing proceeded as announced. The result: Wonderful!

I am very happy and delighted with the result, which is getting better every day. I like looking in the mirror and feel much younger, which is much more in keeping with my current attitude to life. After the operation I spent 3 days in the private clinic in Gutach. The beautiful clinic and the personal atmosphere were a special experience. Dr. Muggenthaler is supported by an attentive, caring and competent team. I felt very well looked after from the first contact to the final examination. I can recommend Dr. Muggenthaler without reservation.

Facelift and neck lift - perfect results

A year ago I underwent a facelift with Dr. Muggenthaler. The operation went smoothly and afterwards I stayed in the clinic for a few days for a follow-up examination. Everything went very well and I had no pain. I could already see the good results after 6 weeks. A young face and a wrinkle-free neck. But now, after a year, I find that the lifting result has improved even more. When I compare myself with other friends who have been to a different surgeon, I am very happy to have been with Dr. Muggenthaler. Because everything looks great on me, whereas one of my friends has a wrinkled neck that looks like it did before the operation, and an eye lift on a friend has had no positive effect after a year. My eyes have become even more beautiful. Dr. Muggenthaler has done a great job. I would only go to him.

Face and neck lift

“I had a full face and neck lift with Dr. Muggenthaler. Now, after just 3 weeks, I am more than satisfied with the result! The clinic and its staff are exemplary. Above all very human, you are never left alone……. If you have any questions, even in the follow-up treatment, the Dr really always helps, as does the lovely Ms. Noel……
THE European “Pitanguy”!!!”

Great doctor, nice team and an absolute feel-good atmosphere!

Absolute feel-good atmosphere, super nice team and a great doctor! Dr. Muggenthaler has a very calm and positive charisma, you simply feel comfortable with him from the very first second. I have been going to him for many years for various treatments such as Botox, lip injections and HydraFacial MD.

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