LED Facials – Gentle light for skin rejuvenation and acne treatment

led facials

In the beauty industry, new products and innovative treatment methods are entering the market every day. Some are better, others are more questionable. Everyone is currently talking about LED light therapy. For me, it’s absolutely more than just beauty hype. Especially in combination with the HydraFacial, the technology impresses with good treatment results.

Not all light is the same

Skin in combination with light is actually a controversial topic. After all, UV light from the sun is more likely to cause wrinkles than smooth skin. With LED light, however, things are different. This is because, unlike UV light, the skin is not heated during the treatment. Damage to the skin is therefore excluded. In the USA, the positive effect of LED light has been utilized for some time. Depending on the wavelength, dosage and intensity, light has very different properties.

Red light against signs of ageing skin

The red LED light at a wavelength between 580 and 660 nanometers can penetrate deep into the skin and stimulates the cells there to produce collagen. After several applications, fine lines are visibly reduced, the skin is firmer and appears more youthful and fresher overall. The light also has a positive effect on pigment spots. In addition, the red light is able to stimulate the repair mechanism of the cells and the blood circulation of the blood vessels. In contrast to high-energy lasers, LED technology works with very low energy without heating and damaging the skin.

Blue light against acne, inflammation and psoriasis

The blue LED light is used for mild and moderate acne and blemishes. Blue rays in the range between 420 and 480 nanometers have an antibacterial effect, can reduce skin impurities and improve the skin’s appearance in the long term. Propionibacterium acnes, the bacterium responsible for inflammatory acne, is destroyed by the blue light. The combination of blue and red light has proved particularly effective in combating acne. There are also studies on the effectiveness of acne treatment from the British Journal of Dermatology from the year 2000.

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The LED Facial at Muggenthaler Aesthetics

In our practice, we mainly use LED light therapy in combination with HydraFacial. The skin is irradiated simultaneously with two LED handpieces at a short distance. This has the special effect that the previously introduced active ingredients can penetrate even deeper into the skin through the LED light and develop their full effect there.

For me, the LED application is less a stand-alone treatment than an extension to intensify other treatment methods or to soothe and regenerate the skin after minimally invasive or surgical procedures.