Knowledge exchange at the VDAEPC Spring Academy

Frühjahrsakademie der VDAEPC 2023

From the 5. to The Spring Academy 2023 of the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDAEPC) took place in Berlin from May 1 to 6. A great event with top-class experts from all over the world. I was also there and presented my technique of the modified subcutaneous forehead lift as part of the “Aesthetic Facial Surgery” session.

The conclusion of my presentation:

  • A modified subcutaneous brow lift with a minimal incision may currently be the most effective solution for lifting the brows.


  • Temporary skin fixation with staples or sutures makes the incisions even shorter and reduces side effects, especially hematomas.


  • Short incisions are only possible if the excess skin is not excessive and there is still sufficient skin elasticity.


It was a particular pleasure for me to be able to discuss further developments with the absolute world-class experts in the field of facial aesthetic surgery. This exchange of experiences showed me once again that events like this are the fuel for scientific innovation and the further development of medical standards in aesthetic plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in general.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

Dr. Vladimir Mitz and Dr. Muggenthaler

The VDAEPC honored the surgeon who described the SMAS and made it clinically usable with the Höhler Prize: Dr. Vladimir Mitz. Few discoveries have had such a lasting impact on plastic surgery as the SMAS.

Dr. Wolfgang Funk & Dr. Frank Muggenthaler

Also a master of facial surgery: Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Funk

My assistant doctor, Dr. Sebastian Schittenhelm