GÄCD annual conference with live surgery workshop

The time had finally come last week. After a two-year break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the annual conference of the GÄCD was held in Freiburg again this year. In order to make up for lost time, we have designed the scientific program to be particularly comprehensive – with informative lectures and numerous renowned speakers from Germany and abroad.


As a special highlight, an all-day live surgery workshop took place on Thursday, October 6 at our Muggenthaler Ästhetik clinic. A facelift, an eyelid correction, a brow lift, a phenol peel and an ear lift were performed live in front of around 25 participating doctors. Dr. Hermann Raunig from Austria, a luminary of ear correction surgery in Europe, also operated alongside me. This was followed by a workshop on the finer points of aesthetic rhinoplasty. It was led by two absolute nose specialists, Prof. Hossam Foda from Alexandria and Dr. Thomas Hundt from Munich.


On Friday and Saturday, the annual congress of the GÄCD took place at the Dorint Hotel an den Thermen in Freiburg. In line with the broad positioning of our specialist society, all areas of aesthetic surgery and non-invasive aesthetic medicine were covered in numerous lectures. True to the congress motto “Success in aesthetics – but SAFETY FIRST”, most of the presentations were also dedicated to the safety aspects of the relevant treatments. In addition, the psychological aspects behind the desire for a better appearance were also examined in detail. As usual, the 34th annual conference was accompanied by an interesting industry exhibition.


To really celebrate the togetherness, a very lively congress gala evening was held at our clinic in Gutach. The evening clearly showed that motivated work for aesthetics is based on a good measure of joie de vivre.


As President of the GÄCD, I would like to thank everyone involved on behalf of the entire Board for this successful annual conference. I am already looking forward to seeing you again soon.


On October 6, around 25 participants took part in the all-day live surgery workshop at our clinic.


Live surgery with Dr. Hermann Raunig


The 34th annual conference of the GÄCD was held under the motto “Success in esthetics, but SAFETY FIRST”


I spoke on the topic of “Facelift or phenol peel – when, how and in what combination?”



This year’s annual conference featured over 40 presentations by numerous renowned experts


The gala evening took place in the beautiful premises of our clinic.