Dermatology practice: Frankenthal 2016

Paris, Seoul, Monaco and now Frankenthal in the Palatinate… Given the list of congresses and training courses I have attended so far this year, it may come as a surprise that this small town in Rhineland-Palatinate is on the list. For those familiar with the scene, however, this is more than understandable. In recent years, my esteemed colleague Dr. Klaus Fritz has succeeded in establishing the Dermatological Practice Conference, which he organizes, as one of the most important events of its kind in Germany. Almost 2,000 interested doctors, mainly from the field of dermatology, gather here every year for three days to exchange ideas and find out about the latest findings in the field.

Critical exchange at the highest level

The special appeal of Dermatological Practice lies in the fact that current practice-relevant topics for general dermatological practice are dealt with, but at the same time the medical questioning of the methods presented is not neglected. The many interesting lectures and workshops were therefore once again of the highest international scientific standard. And the very extensive industry exhibition was also on a par with the corresponding events in Paris, London, Monaco etc.!

High relevance for aesthetic medicine

It is also essential for doctors who specialize in aesthetics to know the current treatment options and recommendations for contact allergies, rosacea and acne, for example. Only with this knowledge is it possible to contribute not only to beautiful but also healthy skin. I was able to refresh my knowledge on these topics in Frankenthal. Special mention should also be made of new findings on treatment with autologous plasma, the increasing trend in thread lifts and new techniques for facial modeling with hyaluronic acid.

Trend topic: autologous blood therapy

The autologous blood treatment has caused quite a stir in recent years under the buzzword vampire lifting. In this technique, the patient’s own blood is taken and centrifuged, allowing the platelets to be isolated. These contain a number of growth factors that have a positive effect on tissue regeneration. A number of applications of this so-called PRP (platelet rich plasma) are now known, which can be used to improve the appearance of the skin or stimulate hair growth, for example. This application in particular is sensational, which I can also confirm based on my experience at Muggenthaler Ästhetik.

Thread lifting under discussion

I have already dealt intensively with the subject of thread lifting and this time it also played an important role at the congress. Several presentations dealt with this topic and numerous manufacturers of the corresponding threads were also present at the industry exhibition. Of course, the numerous conversations I had with colleagues on this topic were also interesting. Overall, it is becoming increasingly clear that the method will probably take a firm place within aesthetic medicine and that the optimal treatment techniques and indications will gradually crystallize. However, the aesthetic corrections possible with thread lifting are more comparable to a filler treatment than a facelift.

Facial modeling with hyaluronic acid

Of course, Dermatologische Praxis has also reported extensively on filler treatments. First and foremost, of course, this concerns the tried and tested hyaluronic acid. But there are also new materials that are being used. Dr. Natalie Keller reported on a new filler that uses hydroxyapatite crystals to build up volume and also trigger the formation of new tissue. This is an interesting aspect that I will certainly pursue further. I was particularly impressed by the presentation given by my esteemed colleague Dr. Daniela Greiner, who reported on her method of systematically optimizing facial contours with targeted applications of hyaluronic acid and then demonstrated this live. This largely corresponded to my own idea of facial modeling.

The congress was framed by a wonderful social evening, which took place in the Manufaktur in Mannheim and provided many opportunities for discussions and encounters. I’m already looking forward to Frankenthal 2017!