Comprehensive peeling lecture at the Unna Academy

Unna Academy

The mysterious world of science has always held a great fascination for me. I have been following research in the field of dermatology in particular with great interest for many years. I am all the more proud that I was able to organize an online training course at the renowned Unna Academy as scientific director and speaker together with my esteemed colleague Prof. Dr. Borelli.


The Unna Academy is a highly respected, independent, worldwide training academy for all aspects of dermatology. The academy owes its name to Professor Paul Gerson Unna, one of the leading German dermatologists of his time. Today, the Unna Academy offers dermatologists, practicing and clinical physicians and medical staff a comprehensive, practice-oriented training program and a forum for the continuous exchange of knowledge and experience.


Presentation “The possibilities and applications of deep peels (phenol) compared to other invasive methods

After Prof. Borelli’s fantastic lecture on the effects and application of superficial and medium-deep peels, I shared my expertise and experience in the field of deep phenol peels. After a brief historical outline, the main focus was on the various indications, the phenol-croton oil formulations and the optimal pre- and post-treatment, from skin conditioning and medication to post-treatment with the Bismuth Galleate blood plasma mask. In the second part, I then addressed the exciting question of which non-invasive and invasive treatments phenol peeling can be combined with and what the limits are in terms of downtime.


Here are a few excerpts from the presentation:

My conclusion

True to my motto “thinking outside the box”, I am firmly convinced that the intersection of aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology hides a huge, partly undiscovered potential that can further improve our treatment methods and take skin rejuvenation to a new level. This makes the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge all the more important, which fortunately is practiced and promoted in an exemplary manner by institutions such as the Unna Academy.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the project management of the Unna Academy and my co-lecturer Prof. Dr. Claudia Borelli once again.