Can beauty be measured? Lecture at the ISG in Freiburg

ISG Freiburg

Sexuality and attractiveness have a large overlap in their practical meaning. This was also made clear at the 8th Expert Day of the Information Center for Sexuality and Health, which took place last Saturday at the Department of Gynecology at the University of Freiburg. There I gave a lecture on the topic “Is beauty measurable?”, in which I reported on my findings on this subject:

Is the perception of beauty relative or are there universal criteria for a good appearance? Unconsciously, we let our instincts answer this question every day and in every encounter with other people. How can this be explained? If we understand beauty and attractiveness as a function of a healthy body, it is easy to explain different manifestations of this characteristic, especially when it comes to describing female beauty. The consistent pursuit of this assumption leads us to a “beauty test” that even provides a numerical value for good looks. The subjective and instinctive perception of other people’s attractiveness can thus be analyzed and predicted with almost mathematical accuracy. This makes it much easier to understand the phenomenon of “beauty”. This also allows valuable conclusions to be drawn as to how attractiveness can be increased in individual cases.